Colin Farrell exposes his fully-erect penis in these pictures

The Hollywood star is the object of desire for thousands of fans across the globe, female and male alike.  And of course, being a celebrity that hundreds lust for, Colin Farrell makes it a point to keep his body in shape.  He hates going to the gym but he lifts weights, not just on a regular basis like the celebrity gym rats out there.  So how does he manage to keep himself in such good shape?  Colin says that he has the appetite of a pigeon and keeps away from fatty foods as much as possible.  Plus, he’s just been blessed with a body like that.  He has a low maintenance but still rocking body and his fans can’t help but swoon with delight every time they see half-nude pictures of him.  I give you more than that.  I present to you Colin Farrell Nude, and simply click the thumbs available in this post to get more nude photos and videos of one of the sexiest men alive.

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