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Colin Farrell Shows Dick In Jerk Off Photos

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

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Check out this picture of Colin Farrell nude I found for your jerking pleasure. He’s simply one of the hottest male celebrities around, and I prefer fast forwarding through all of the talking crap and getting right to the nude scenes. Just a glimpse of that bare ass is enough to steam things up. There’s just something about the way that Colin takes control and gets what he wants that makes him so hot. He’s a rugged man with a soft touch, just check out how sexy he looks in these hot Colin Farrell naked pictures.

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The best part about seeing Colin Farrell nude is that we know that he’s pretty into himself, so showing the goods is second nature to him. I mean, how many celebrity dudes just let a sex tape leak if they aren’t comfortable with their bodies, especially their willies. And Colin should be proud of that fat stiff meat that dangles about as he goes from position to position. He may get fit in the gym, but he definitely keeps his endurance up with endless fuck fests. To see more of his hot muscular body, not to mention his large monstrous schlong, check out these sexy Colin Farrell nude photos.

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A gallery of Colin Farrell pictures to calm you down

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Colin displays his stunning physique in this small gallery of softcore photos I have collected.  His rugged look makes women weak in the knees and men jealous of the attention.  He’s got a well-toned body that is macho but not to the point of looking like a bodybuilder.  He’s buffed alright, but not THAT buffed.  Now enjoy looking at his pictures by clicking on the thumbs below to get the full-sized version.

Colin Farrell has not always been a big star, but he did grow up being street-smart and something like a bad boy during his teen years.  He dropped out of his school’s football team because he can’t handle the pressure of training, which was a shame because he really was good at the sport.  Instead, he pursued acting not knowing that the job demanded a similar dedication like that in football.  But he triumphed over his difficulties.  Look at him now, a legitimate Hollywood superstar capable of playing diverse roles and really dedicating his whole self to the job.  Now if you want more than these “tame” pictures of Colin, then check out and see more of his nude photos and videos.

Colin Farrell exposes his fully-erect penis in these pictures

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

The Hollywood star is the object of desire for thousands of fans across the globe, female and male alike.  And of course, being a celebrity that hundreds lust for, Colin Farrell makes it a point to keep his body in shape.  He hates going to the gym but he lifts weights, not just on a regular basis like the celebrity gym rats out there.  So how does he manage to keep himself in such good shape?  Colin says that he has the appetite of a pigeon and keeps away from fatty foods as much as possible.  Plus, he’s just been blessed with a body like that.  He has a low maintenance but still rocking body and his fans can’t help but swoon with delight every time they see half-nude pictures of him.  I give you more than that.  I present to you Colin Farrell Nude, and simply click the thumbs available in this post to get more nude photos and videos of one of the sexiest men alive.

Gay smooch between Colin Farrell and Diego Maradona?

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

It seems the trend nowadays is guys kissing guys.  And it looks like Colin Farrell is definitely following that trend because he locked lips with Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona when the two bumped into each other in a Buenos Aires restaurant.  Is this simply a publicity stunt, onlookers asked each other.  Because it makes no sense, one might be inclined to think of it in terms of their sexual orientation.  Yes, kissing men on the lips or cheeks is a common enough custom in Argentina.  And Diego is known to do that with acquaintances all the time, be it men or women friends.  So the question is still up: is this just a harmless, friendly kiss or is one or both of them changing his sexual orientation?  Well, this is what they have to put up with.  You simply cannot stop people from wondering about things like these that goes on with celebrities.  Whatever the kiss meant, time will tell.  Meanwhile, check out the kissing scene below.  Or simply check out Colin Farrell Nude to get nude photos and videos of this hot male celebrity.