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Colin Farrell Shows Dick In Jerk Off Photos

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

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Check out this picture of Colin Farrell nude I found for your jerking pleasure. He’s simply one of the hottest male celebrities around, and I prefer fast forwarding through all of the talking crap and getting right to the nude scenes. Just a glimpse of that bare ass is enough to steam things up. There’s just something about the way that Colin takes control and gets what he wants that makes him so hot. He’s a rugged man with a soft touch, just check out how sexy he looks in these hot Colin Farrell naked pictures.

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The best part about seeing Colin Farrell nude is that we know that he’s pretty into himself, so showing the goods is second nature to him. I mean, how many celebrity dudes just let a sex tape leak if they aren’t comfortable with their bodies, especially their willies. And Colin should be proud of that fat stiff meat that dangles about as he goes from position to position. He may get fit in the gym, but he definitely keeps his endurance up with endless fuck fests. To see more of his hot muscular body, not to mention his large monstrous schlong, check out these sexy Colin Farrell nude photos.

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